Recollection: Wearing Memory Like A Cloth

Soto Gallery in Lagos presents Recollection: Wearing Memory Like a Clothe, a new solo exhibition by Port Harcourt-based visual artist Johnson Uwadinma. The show features a body of work that delves into the intricate relationship between memory, identity, history, and the human body.

Uwadinwa’s work is fundamentally concerned with drawing up symbolic references, exploring visually intricate detail, and creating thematically engaging images. The artist’s aesthetic process is elliptical yet rigorous: he reveals his interest in the human body as a reservoir of encoded history defined by past and present experiences as well as its significance to collective social development.

The exhibition kicks off on March 9, 2024, with an inspiring “Artist Talk” from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., where Uwadinma shares unique insights into his creative process. The exhibition runs through April 15, 2024, at №10 Omo Osagie Street, SW Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

In a sense, this is what “Recollection” is all about: a type of attention whereby the individual excludes voluntary distractions, internal and external, to concentrate all his powers on introspection.