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Getting Started with Paintbrushes

Getting Started with Paintbrushes

There is really no paint making without the use of certain painting tool, that is why at Crafts Village Nigeria, we understand the need to post an article on getting started with paintbrushes.

A paintbrush is a paint tool used to apply paint or sometimes ink to a surface. A paintbrush is usually made by clamping the bristles to a handle with a ferrule. They are available in various sizes, shapes, and materials. Thicker ones are used for filling in, and thinner ones are used for details. They may be subdivided into decorators’ brushes used for painting and decorating and artists’ brushes use for visual art.

Artists’ paintbrushes come in an array of sizes, shapes, and hairs. Find out more about the different shapes of art paintbrushes and their uses in this visual index, then try them out in your own creative work.

  • How the Size of an Art Paintbrush Is Indicated
    The size of a brush is indicated by a number printed on the handle. Brushes start from 000, then go to 00, 0, 1, 2, and up. The higher the number, the bigger or wider the brush. Unfortunately, there is little consistency between brush manufacturers as to what these sizes actually are, so the size of a No. 10 in one brand can be different from a No. 10 in another brand.

Getting Started with PaintBrushes - paint-brush-sizes

  • Dealing with the Relative Sizes of Different Brand Brushes
      Believe it or not, both brushes in the photo are size No. 10. Admittedly, the difference in size isn’t usually so extreme; these two brushes were chosen specifically to illustrate the point. If you’re buying brushes from a catalog or online and it’s a brand you’re not familiar with, check to see if there’s an indication of the actual width of the brushes in inches or millimeters. Don’t just go by the brush size number.

Getting Started with Paintbrushes - size-variation

  • Thickness of a Brush: Not only do different brands of art paintbrush vary in size even when they’re supposedly the same (as indicated by the number), but also in thickness. If you’re buying brushes from a catalog or online, remember to consider this if you’re not familiar with a particular brand of brush. If you’re painting with watercolor or very fluid paint, a thick brush will hold considerably more paint. This enables you to paint for longer without stopping. But if you want a brush for dry-brush techniques, you may well want a brush that holds less paint.

Getting Started with Paintbrushes - thickness-of-a-brush

  • Parts of an Art Paint Brush
    When choosing a brush, examine each part of it. All the variability can affect your work.
    The handle of a brush is most often made from wood that’s painted or varnished, but it can also be made from plastic or bamboo. The length is variable, from really short (such as those in travel paint boxes) to really long (ideal for big canvases). What’s more important than length is that the brush feels balanced in your hand. You’re going to be using it a lot, so it needs to be comfortable to hold.
    What bristles or hairs are in a brush is also variable, depending on what the brush is intended for. Most important is that they’re firmly held and aren’t going to fall out constantly as you paint.   The ferrule is the part that holds the handle and hairs together and in shape. It’s usually made from metal, but not exclusively. Mop brushes, for instance, can have a ferrule made of plastic and wire. A decent-quality ferrule won’t rust or come loose.
    The toe of a brush is the very end of the bristles, while the heel is where the bristles go into the ferrule at the end of the handle (not that you can usually see this without taking a brush apart). The belly is, as the name would suggest, the fattest part of a brush. (It’s most obvious on a round brush, rather than a flat one.) A substantial belly on a round watercolor brush enables you to pick up a large quantity of paint at a time.

Getting Started with Paintbrushes - parts

Now that you understand these conditions, paintbrushes are differentiated by the type of Bristles they carry. There are different types for different stroke results such as:

Getting Started with Paintbrushes - brush types

– Round
– Bright
– Filbert
– Fan
– Angle
– Mop
– Rigger
– Liner
– Egbert

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Getting Started with Paintbrushes | Crafts Village Nigeria

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