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Getting Started with Palette Knives

Getting Started with Palette Knives

Palette knives are blunt tool used for mixing or applying paint, with a flexible steel blade. It is primarily used for mixing paint colors, paste, etc., or for marbling, decorative endpapers, etc. This article will take us through the knowledge of these art Knives.

Palette knives are excellent tools for creating a broad array of edges, from crisp and defined to blurry and ambiguous. Edges in a painting are the places where two shapes or colors meet.

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The “palette” in the name is a reference to an artist’s palette which is used for mixing oil paint and acrylic paints.

Art knives come primarily in two types:
– Palette knife resembling a putty knife with a rounded tip, suited for mixing paints on the palette;
– Painting knife with a pointed tip, lowered or “cranked” like a trowel, suited to painting on canvas.

While palette knives are manufactured without sharpened cutting edges, with prolonged use they may become “sharpened” by the action of abrasive pigments such as earth colors.

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Virtually all artists who uses oil or acrylic paints will have a palette knife (also called a painting knife) in their artist kit. They’re usually used for mixing paints together and applying paint from tubes onto palettes.

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