Abuja Arts & Crafts Village is a tourist place where we have different kinds of art & crafts, sculptures, art galleries, clothing, handcrafted items like baskets and more are displayed for sight seeing and also for sale. A lot of talented artists come into the village to sell their works to buyers although not all of the works displayed in the village are made in the village, some of them are made outside by local craftsmen.

The place is a Village because of its rustic setting with thatch houses and hut-like structures and has grown to become one of the well-known tourists center in Abuja.

During the commonwealth meeting in 2003 held in Abuja, Abuja Arts & Crafts Village was established by the then of Government and has since been managed as a tourist sight by the National Council for Arts and Crafts.

It is a place everyone must visit once you find yourself in the capital city of the country cause it will leave you with a whole lot of good experience. Read more HERE!


Central Business District, Abuja 905102, Nigeria