Bassbi Interior is an interior design company that specializes in residential, commercial, healthcare, and beauty projects. Bassbi Interior designs blinds made of aluminium, steel and wooden materials, can customize the design and colors based on customers choice, sells and installs wallpapers, 3D panels, Epoxy coating, window blinds, curtains, painting, wooden floors, and wall covers which are all available in various designs, sizes and styles.

Bassbi Interior is an interior design expert designs the space in such a beautiful and outstanding way that makes it very pleasing and comfortable to stay. We sell and install interior decorating materials including wallpapers, 3D panels, Epoxy coating, Window blinds, wooden floors and POP materials and decoration.

Bassbi Interior combines extraordinary talent and experiences to create exceptional spaces for each of its clients. Blinds are as attractive as the curtains, it can operated manually and also with the help of remote control, can be opened and closed at any point in time. However, with the combination of blinds and curtains, It offers a lot of convenience and flexibility.


16/17 Abimbola St, Isaga Tedo, Lagos