Black Heritage Museum is situated in an ancient town of Badagry, Lagos.

The museum was established in 1863. It houses and preserves a lot of artifacts, historical relics and over 300 years recorded collections from slave trade. The museum is divided into nine galleries, the barbaric industry like documents, dated shackles, sketches, photos, sculptures and the salvaged historical records that documented the city dark past.

  • when entering through the Introductory Gallery, a book containing the history of different places in Nigeria would be found, tourists are allowed to read.
  • the Capture Gallery is where chains used to bound African slaves
  • the Transportation Gallery is where tourists get to learn how slaves were transported from one trade point to another. A duplicate of the ship that conveyed the slaves is also present in this gallery
  • the Equipment Gallery houses the original safe used by the slave masters that occupied the region
  • the Resistance and Punishment Gallery is where a gory picture of a dog attacked a slave trying to escape is been displayed
  • the Industry Gallery is where racoons that was used to cage the captured slaves are kept. According to history, it was said that slaves are kept in these racoons first before being sold out to their masters
  • the Integration Gallery is where tourist would see live clippings showing how slaves were being auctioned and then finally sold off
  • the Abolition Gallery is where tourist would see pictures of the heroes that fought for the abolition of slave trade and are been displayed.

The Black Heritage Museum implements an unbelievable important function, reminding tourist about the difficulty of the past and also allows tourists to see and be exposed about the past and learn more about Badagry.


Lander Rd, Marina, Badagry