Bogobiri House is an exquisite hotel located at Ikoyi, Lagos State. Its not far from Falomo Bridge Jetty and also a proximity to Bar Beach. Bogobiri House is a place where the art and craft is been appreciated and this can be seen by oneself how its been displayed in every bit of there space and properties. Starting from the chairs, tables, ceiling, & bed frame, they are all handcrafted and has a art design on it. However, Bogobiri House can also be said to be into art, art & craft, art design, art galleries, sculptures etc. Bogobiri House has showed and displayed the work of art in every slightest space its got, bringing in the traditional art in the contemporary art… work is been loved and appreciated. There is an art gallery too on the premises

Therefore, not only does Bogobiri House appreciates art, it also an hotel where travelers, strangers, an adventurous person and so on would love to see, spend a day(s) and would be glad he/she did.  Airport pickup, care hire, security personnel who guards the hotel premises, onsite parking and laundry services are all available.

The hotel offers a shared lounge, their is an art gallery on the premises, all the rooms are spacious and comfortable, the rooms are styled with a modern interior decoration but an artwork is used in beautify it the more….very authentic.

Bogobiri staffs are well trained and organized, hardworking, friendly, attentive, and good hospitality. There is always a live band that comes to play and entertain its guests every evening.

Bogobiri House is truly a beautiful and nice place to be or visit.





9, Maitama Sule Street off Awolowo Road, South-West Ikoyi, Lagos