Gidan Makama Museum Kano is a museum located in Kano, Nigeria. It can also be called Kano Museum, the historical building is recognised as a National Monument by the Government of Nigeria. This museum has significant collections of arts, crafts and historic items related to Kano. It is divided into eleven galleries which each of it has its centre of focus. These galleries includes; Zaure ( the main entrance with displays traditional materials), city walls, maps of Kano, the history of Kano (in the 19th century), the civil war, economy, industry and music.

Also, the other side of the gallery is the olden day’s gate for Kofar Waika which has an Arabic inscription slated on it. It is believed to be a charm for protection. Kano is also known for its ancient civilization.

In Kano museum, there are samples of war instruments such as iron and leather shield, sword and gun that are exhibited in the gallery. Another exciting thing are the huge ancient pots excavated by archaeologist at Kofar Kabuga. So much explanations is given as to the use of these pots, one of the explanation states that the pots were buried along with the city walls by Kings of Kano for protection. Another one is that the pots were kept underground for grain storage and lastly that the pots are associated with the cloth dying industry. This was researched and suggested by archaeologists.

Gidan Makama Museum or Kano museum can be visited at any time.



Emir Palace Rd, Kofar Dan Agudi, Kano