Gold Fabrics is a fashion store is located in Oshodi, Lagos. They deal in  different kinds of fabric designs such as lace, cord lace, anaconda fabric, chenille upholstery, debutante stretch satin fabric, georgette gold foil fabric, solid gold minky fabric, metallic gold, gold organza lace, antique gold madagascar design and so on.

Gold Fabric also aims to beautify their customers with fabrics of a golden nature. Their outfits are not only beautiful but also unique to the wearer. Not only are they beautiful and unique, they are of a very high quality and also serves as protection to human body.

However, Gold Fabric insulate against cold and hot conditions, it can be worn to parties like; weddings, funeral ceremony, birthdays and all kinds of occasions. Gold Fabric enhances ones beauty, gives the wearer confidence and makes them feel comfortable.



10 Oshodi Rd, Mafoluku Oshodi, Lagos