House of Muse is an interior design company that deals basically in art, bath, decoration, pillow & throw pillows, dining set, furniture, lighting, rugs, E-decor and so on. This interior design company is situated in Lagos State, Nigeria. They deal majorly with cooperate organizations, individuals, residential projects, boutiques style and commercial projects.

House of Muse is a full service residential design firm that assist clients with a wide range of challenges such as selection of architectural details and finishes. They work hand in hand with architects and builders, decorating a functional beautiful space with quality furniture, fabrics, accessories. They create custom pieces tailor made for a living space.

Deliberate design, creativity and experience is always put into work during production. House of Muse has handled a lot of projects, be it for individuals, businesses, boutiques etc and currently have projects all over the south western region of Nigeria. They help in managing spaces, creating & recreating spaces that reflects clients personal taste and style.



Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria