Le Jill Couture is a fashion store that makes beautiful, unique and classic fabrics for the strong, unconventional and sophisticated woman.

They make use of beautiful and quality fabrics to make their ready to wear outfits, decorated with the right accessories just to satisfy their clients and make a mark in the fashion industry. As a fashion designer, their motive is to always think and be creative with whatever fabric they have at hand so as to stay relevant and take the fashion world into another level.

At Le Jill Coutoure, they make nice and trendy clothing for clients, models, etc. The outfits designed and created by  Le Jill inspires confidence in their customers. Le Jill Couture deal in ankara bags, shoes, dresses, etc.

Le Jill Coutoure believes that humans have always crafted things/objects with their hands and handcrafted objects will continue to be valued and treasured.


Pastor Olusakin Street, Ajah, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria