Museum of Colonial History, Aba is a place that houses art & crafts, artifacts, monuments, relics and art works. It was established in 1984 and the museum consists of collections relating to the history of Nigeria through the colonial era in Nigeria, as well as several relics of the slave trade and collections that marked Nigeria’s evolution as a nation.

The museum was established on the purpose to show a variety of tongues and traditions which have been united together into a nation and to compliment written texts on colonial history for easy assimilation by students, visitors or researchers.

However, in the museum, the collection of items includes historical events in the form of photograph and write-ups. The museum has a total of 415 historical collections, 310 ethnographic objects and 151 archeological objects listed there.

National Museum of Colonial History, Aba is truly an adventurous place to visit.


6, Ikot Ekepene Road, Minima, Abia, Nigeria