The National Museum Of Traditional Nigerian Architecture, Jos is situated opposite the Jos Zoo, in the heart of the city. The Museum is a centre that keeps a collection of artifacts and other objects of art and sculpture. Other cultural and historical collections are also housed by it. Famous among the collections in the museum are Nok Terracotta Sculptures dating as far back as 500 B.C.

The museum was commissioned in 1952 with the intention to supervise Nigerian Antiquities Service. It is known for its architectural piece and replica of many buildings and structures indigenous to Nigeria, such as the walls of Kano and other architectural landmarks. This museum has a lot of art & crafts, art galleries and sculptures to look at. The entrance of the museum has a historical story attached to it. The galleries are very interesting and the stories behind the structures and works of art are quite insightful.

The Museum of  Traditional Nigerian Architecture is definetely a place to visit.


Opposite High Court, Jos, Plateau State Nigeria