National Commission For Museum And Monuments is a tourist centre located in Abuja, established in 1979 by the Federal Government of Nigeria with decree 77 of 1979 to replace the Federal Antiquities Department so as to manage the collection, documentation, conservation and presentation of the National Cultural properties to the public for the purpose of education, enlightenment and entertainment.

The museum is the overseer of about 50 museums in the country and also the representative of Nigeria at International Cultural bodies like the International Council of Museum (ICOM), the International Center for the Study of the Restoration and Preservation of Cultural Properties (ICCROM), West African Council on Museums (AFRICOM) and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisations (UNESCO) among others. NCMM functionality is to establish and maintain national museums arts and crafts, architecture, warfare, educational services, Antiquities, sculptors etc. The commission was set up to create an awareness among Nigerians and their country’s cultural heritage.

National Commission For Museum And Monuments is also a platform where researchers, archaeologists and adventurous people both from within and outside this country come to do study and know history about some facts. They are allowed to walk around the museum and have a look at all their collections, read their documentations etc. The National Commission For Museum And Monuments is such and a must place to visit in Nigeria so as to remind us of our cultural heritage.

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16, Cotonou Crescent, Zone 6 Wuse, Abuja FCT Nigeria