National Museum Abeokuta is an historical site that houses relics, artifacts, sculptors of the Egba people. The museum provides a wide collection of artifacts such as cultural, historical and artistic objects that shows a vital information about the people.

Abeokuta museum is indeed a repository place that tells about the history, culture and tradition of the Egba people and of cause archaeologists and visitors would learn a lot. The museum also houses handcrafts and ancient weapons used by the early settlers of the town and its environments.

The National Museum Abeokuta showcases the cultural heritage of the people in a revealing and educative way, the town is blessed with her rocky landscape and historical features, a portal between the physical and spiritual.

The National Museum, Abeokuta is a place to be cause it offers tours that are both enlightening and fun. Gate fee is #100 but cameras are not allowed, inside the museum are fascinating sculptures of Monoliths used by the ancient indigènes of Ikon as ”clock”. This was used to determine time and season then.

There are gift shops with building where artifacts, bangles, crafts, magazines, books and souvenirs are been sold at affordable prices.


Inside Baptist Girls College, Idi-Aba, Ogun State Nigeria