National Museum, Calabar is one the finest museum in Nigeria. It was established in 1884, the museum is built in Glasgrw by the colonial masters, it serves as home to souvenirs from slave trade which helps to educate people about the history of their forefathers. The building is surrounded with old garden which has been carefully preserved. The museum serves many purposes for tourists and visitors, it houses a lot of relics, statues, artifacts, sculptures, terracotta, documents that go as far back as the colonial era.

The National Museum, Calabar is housed in a building which used to serve as the residence and administrative office of the British colonial government in Calabar, it has collections of ritual terracotta and several materials of antiquity unearthed by Professor Ekpo Eyo which dates as far back as the middle ages. In the museum, you will find various materials that have to do with the slave trade, palm oil trade and the colonization of Nigeria by British. One can research and study history especially with the availability of several historical documents from the colonial era, the museum offers offers with the availability of several historical documents from the colonial era as well. The museum is said to house the worlds largest collection of original Nigerian documents and artifacts. The building is open to all during week days with #100 as gate fee per person but cameras are not allowed in the museum.


Ekpo Eyo Drive, Duke Town, Cross River State, Nigeria