National Museum of Unity, Ibadan is an ethnographic museum that conserves and displays the indigenous state of the people of Oyo and also has a scientific description of the people and their culture as well. The National Museum of Unity is home to priceless historical artifacts that celebrates the rich historical culture of Africa, it holds an enviable amount of historical artifacts.
The museum has four galleries in it namely; the Unity Gallery, Masquerade Gallery, Pottery Gallery and Yoruba Gallery. The museum gives priority to the promotion and conservation antiquities for the interest of protecting the cultural heritage of the diverse ethnic group in Nigeria.
The National Museum of Unity, Ibadan is an exciting place to be because it’s art galleries is so rich with some objects that has been in existence for over 3,000 years. The museum also helps people to appreciate the beautiful pottery works, exotic masks and symbolic musical instruments. Extensive insight into the history is gained.


Jericho Ibadan