Nigerian National Museum was founded by Kenneth Murray, an English archaeologist. It was established in the year 1957 in the city of Lagos. Nigerian National Museum displays contemporary arts and historical memorials. It has great collections of Nigerian workmanship, including bits of statuary, carvings, archaeological and ethnographic displays.

The main attractions at the museum are the galleries dedicated to traditional symbols of power. The galleries contain carved ivory and a royal host of crowns, the city of Benin City, Nok Terracottas etc. The museum also houses the bullet riddled car of late General Muritala Mohammed assassinated in 1976.

The museum is about 150m southeast of Tafawa Balewa square. The arena is adorned by statues of gargantuan horses. In this square is the Remembrance Arcade, in memorial to Nigerians that died in the second world war and the Biafran conflict.

However, the museum operates as a non profit centre, which stocks a good range of batik cloth, wood cravings and textiles at a fixed prices. The museum has a tour guide who’s duty is to take people around and explain to visitors who come visiting. Through this, visitors get to gain more knowledge. The museum has also trained many Nigerians, Englishmen and tourists on the history and culture of Nigeria.

In the Nigerian National Museum, the staff are very friendly, respectful and welcoming. It is really a nice and great place to visit.


Onikan Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos