Ogirikan Art Gallery was founded in 2017, had its first launched in June same year.

This art gallery’s aim is to find out what people likes because a home defines an individual. Their services include art & crafts, art works, framing, restoration, art rental, paintings, torn canvas, broken sculptures, include fiber glass cast and clay works, cataloging art collection and so on. Based on our consultation, we can recommend paintings and sculptures that will enhance your home and office space.

Ogirikan Art Gallery offers art works that are very beautiful that it singles itself out in every space, they are used in homes, hospital, hotels, offices to beautify the space.

Every of Ogirikan art works piece displayed is handcrafted and craved by talented artists.

They are known to promote African Art and believe in good partnership with other galleries in other to promote art. Check out more on their website here!


#67 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos