OniGele Crafts is an art of headgear tying. Headgear tying is something most women find very difficult to do on their own heads despite the fact that gele is an outfit on its own.

Tolulope Adedara who is the creative director of OniGele got his inspiration and experience from his mum while growing, studied the environment and decided to take it up as a business and as well train people in this art.

Head wrap (gele) is considered as a fashion statement, a celebration of bold, brazen beauty that can make ones outfit look edgy or takes an outfit to a top notch scale. Headgear is an art, a sculpture of pride to the bearer and monument of joy to the sculptor

OniGele crafts also offers a training center where young people especially women are taught on how to tie different kinds of headgear. Gele tying is a must skill for every African woman.

However, OniGele has worked with a lot of make up artists, brides, party planners & more. They pay attention to details, friendly and consistence, they are one of the best you one can get in the country.




28 John Olugbo St, Allen 100001, Ikeja