Tribes Art Africa Gallery is a gallery that explains the modern and ancient historical pictures, sculptures, paintings, art & craft, art & design, portrait design, visual culture and tradition of indigenous Africans. Tribes Art Africa Gallery is a project that aims to bridge the gap between modern African culture and Africa Indigenous Tradition. Despite the culture diversity, there are some unifying artistic themes that must be put in considering the totality of visual culture.

Now talking about art & craft, visual culture, Africa indigenous tradition, and so on, African Traditional Religion (ATR) or African Indigenous Religion (AIR) must not be left out. African Traditional Religion has been in existence since ages past and it has a great influence on our culture and tradition, African Art to be precised. Africans sees artistic traditions as sources of inspiration and knowledge to them. African art images is kind of metaphysical and it serves as the focal point which beiges the gap of the African’s physical world to his beliefs on his essence and existence.

Tribes Art Africa is located along Lekki-Epe Express way, Lagos.


Suite E208, Ikota Shopping Complex, VGC-Lekki Expressway, Lagos.