Wangboje Art Gallery, situated in Lagos State, Nigeria, helps in bringing the beauty of African creativity to art lovers on a daily.  They operate with the vision that art is loved and appreciated in every home and business environment. They deal and showcase works of paintings, drawings, sculpture, carvings etc. They also offer exhibition services for artists who desire to exhibit their art. In Wangboje Art Gallery, you will find gallery works of professional artist’s painting such as landscapes, portraits, real life and religious works. You will also find artworks that helps reconnect you with your culture and history as Africans, therefore, bringing the traditional art into the contemporary world of art. Furthermore, they provide a platform for young artist to discover their talents and letting them know there is a place and need for them in the art world.


Pees Galleria Shopping Mall, 2A, Osborne Road, Ikoyi, Lagos