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Moments with John Akande

Moments with John Akande

Moments with John Akande provides insight into the artist’s creative journey from past to present. John Akande is a visionary visual artist from Lagos, celebrated for his masterful figurative art that brings realism to life. With acrylic on canvas as his primary medium, John’s creations are a mesmerizing blend of tradition, culture, and family heritage.


Inspired initially by his elder brother, John further honed his craft at the prestigious Yaba College of Technology in Lagos, earning a Higher National Diploma in Fine Art. His portfolio spans various mediums, including acrylic and oil, each piece pulsating with his distinctive artistic flair. John’s passion for music and cartoons infuses his artwork with dynamic energy and a unique vibrancy.


In our exclusive interview series, “Moments with John Akande,” John opens up about his artistic journey, the hurdles he’s overcome, and the exciting projects he’s currently working on. Discover the stories behind his most captivating pieces and gain insight into the mind of an artist whose work resonates deeply with both culture and creativity.


Don’t miss this inspiring glimpse into John Akande’s world.


Watch the full video below:

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