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Moments with Ozuma Patrick

Moments with Ozuma Patrick

“Moments with Ozuma Patrick” dives into the artistic world of Nigerian environmentalist Ozuma Patrick Chidiebube. Ozuma is a Nigerian visual artist based in the city of Ibadan. From a very young age, he was recognized as one of the most talented kids in his community, recreating drawings from comic books and making toy cars, which marked the beginning of his artistic journey.


He grew up in Enugu, where he was surrounded by friends involved in computer software. According to Ozuma, they played a crucial role in shaping the way he utilizes electronic waste to tell his stories.


Realizing his enthusiasm and passion for art, Ozuma decided to study visual art in higher education to hone his skills and receive a degree in a field he cherishes deeply. He graduated from Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, as the overall best student in sculpture. Known for upcycling electronic waste, particularly computer keypads, Ozuma’s work explores how technology affects the human race.


Ozuma is passionate about upcycling and about saving humanity and our environment from the potential harm caused by technological advancements.


In our exclusive interview, “Moments with Ozuma Patrick,” he reveals everything about his art journey—from how he began this practice after an assignment in higher education, to his artistic process, the artists who inspire him, the challenges he has encountered and many more insights. To hear directly from Ozuma, watch the full interview below.

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