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African Art Ideas for Interior Designs

African Art Ideas for Interior Designs

Adorn your space with crafty and artistic pieces that reflect your style. This African Art Ideas for Interior Designs can bring out the color and warmth of a room, and even help you to create an environment where intellectual stimulation and fun are both possible. Whether you are redecorating a room, planning your bedroom, or just looking for something special to adorn your walls – these interior design ideas using African art and craft are guaranteed to bring a touch of Africa straight into your home!

African art is beautiful and helps decorate homes throughout the world. It is true that Africa is a place with rich culture but it is also a continent which is known for having many beautiful resources of raw materials for crafting different things.

African art and craft is the best way to adorn homes with the feel of Africa. It’s not just about paintings; you can employ a variety of other things that are directly inspired by African art and its tools.

I hope that you will be interested in incorporating some of these African Art In Interior Design Ideas into your home or office. 

  • Raffia Table Organizer

raffia table organizer

Raffia Table Organizer is creative, simple and timeless, high-quality and functional. It is ideal to serve as remote holder, letter stand, vintage document holder, letter rack for storing letters, and documents for desk and offices.

When craftsmanship meets creativity, uniqueness is birthed. This Raffia Table Organizer is a creative, simple and timeless, high-quality and functional. This artistic product is made from raffia material that is precisely and lovingly processed – from hand-manufacturing to the use of the latest technology ideas.

  • Handcrafted Wooden Coasters Set

crafted coaster set

This Handcrafted Wooden Coasters set is hand carved original designed coasters, set of 6 with Elephant-Head holder. For use in Living room as coffee Table accent piece; use in bar, kitchen, entertainment area with coffee, tea, mixed drinks, glasses, mugs and cups. Each coaster measures 9cm in diameter and holds a cup up to 30 ounces.

A very beautiful interior design idea, this Handcrafted Wooden Coasters set of 6 is carved in a long Elephant head design. The intricately carved carriage holds six round coasters and one bottle opener. Each coaster measures 9cm in diameter and holds a cup up to 30 ounces. The wood is coated to ensure protection and longevity. This nature inspired set is sure to add that exotic feel of Culture to any table setting.

  • Handwoven Cane Storage Boxes

cane storage boxes

This set of African cane storage boxes with handles for easy transport, great for clothing, bath & beauty products, toys, school supplies and more. It is perfect sized baskets to tuck away in closets, storage cubes or on a shelf for extra storage

These storage bins are easy to clean with a damp cloth and offer a stylish way to organize almost any space in your home or office. These boxes are made of durable and easy to clean woven rattan. The boxes are fitted with ergonomic handles for easy access and carrying. They are also fitted with fitting lids to protect the contents of the box.

  • Handwoven Raffia Fruit Bowl

fruit bowl

This handwoven Raffia Fruit Bowl is 4.5″ Height x 12″ Wide, multicolored, hand crafted and strong & durable. These mini raffia fruit baskets gives a unique and traditional twist to your fruits packaging, give your dinning an extra touch of style.

Traditional African style to your dining table, which is made by local Nigerians with raffia grass, which are found in the Northern parts of Nigeria.

  • African Handcrafted Abstract Soup Bowl

soup bowl

African Handcrafted Floral Soup Bowl has a dimensions height – 8cm, diameter – 16cm, made with ceramic and Fabric materials. It is an abstract design that comes with a fitted lid to protect contents. It is a great choice for homes that require a cultural touch.

The Soup bowls are designed using a mixed media of fabric and 3 dimensional paints alongside some special effects and tools. The bowls are Authentic and Unique in representing the African Cultural Heritage.

  • Handcrafted African Coffee Mugs

coffee mug

Handcrafted African Coffee Mugs comes in different designs. It is made from ceramic and fabric material. It has a diameter and depth of 10cm x10cm.

Ergonomic handle for comfort, great choice for homes that require a cultural touch. They also serve as a great choice for gifts to friends and loved ones.


African art and craft have played a significant role in adding to the beauty of interior design all over the world and promoting the incorporation of African art in interior design ideas and plans. They have inspired designers familiar with African style. The need for more home décor items such as wall hangings, paintings and sculptures has brought about the growth of artistic centers in Africa making it possible for residents to appreciate their culture after taking them home with them.

Whether you choose to decorate an entire room or just a corner of your home, African art and craft makes a statement that no other genres of home decor can make. We hope this article on African Art In Interior Design Ideas has inspired you to consider (and shop!) the possibilities.

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