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Top 10 Art Galleries in Lagos

Top 10 Art Galleries in Lagos

It is hard to make a list ranking the top galleries in any location, and art galleries in Lagos are no exemption to this difficulty. There are many art galleries all over the world that are home to hundreds of wonderful pieces of art and exhibitions, each containing some breathtaking antique frames. In Nigeria however, art galleries play a major role in preserving and showcasing our art and culture to the world. African art and it’s influences can be seen in different art forms all over the world and the galleries in Nigeria help to showcase and also inspire new and thriving art. 

Defining what makes an art gallery one of the best is difficult. Beyond commercial success, a great art gallery should be one that has the ability to continually challenge the way things have been done in the past, whether through a reinvention of what’s done within gallery walls or what’s created outside of them, supporting new, young, and/or political work, and embracing the expansion of existing and new mediums. So, compiling a list of the top art galleries is always a challenging but simultaneously exciting task.

Without further ado, in no particular order, here is the Crafts Village’s official guide to the Top 10 Art Galleries in Lagos to visit (or add to your bucket list) for a great experience.

  1. Tiwani Contemporary Art Gallery

tiwani contemporary art gallery

Have any of your friends recently posted a picture in an art gallery? Have your followers all posted pictures with a suspiciously similar background with an art gallery setting? If yes, then it’s probably at this spot. 

Located at 13 Elsie Femi Pearse St, Victoria Island, Lagos, Tiwani Contemporary opened a Lagos branch after 11 years of its founding in London. Maria Varnava, the gallery’s founder and owner has said in interviews that she had always planned to open a space in Nigeria.

Tiwani Contemporary has duly established itself as one of the most influential enterprises showcasing the work of African and African diaspora artists. 

  1. Art Twenty One Gallery

Art 21 gallery

Located at Eko Hotel and Suites, Art 21 is an art gallery dedicated to contemporary art in Lagos, Nigeria. A collection of art filling a 600sqm expanse, this gallery is intended to contribute to and to solidify the growing art scene in Lagos. Spear headed by manager Caline Chagoury, Art 21’s vision is to position the city of Lagos as a major force in the international art world.

  1. Nimbus Art Gallery 

Nimbus Art Gallery

If you enjoy Lagos aesthetic spaces, this gallery is for you. Situated above the Bogobiri art house, the exterior decoration of this gallery is adorned with replicas of the yellow and black striped buses we’ve come to know as a Lagos symbolism. 

On the other hand, the interior decoration of the Nimbus Art Gallery, which is precisely located at 9, Maitama Sule street, off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, has a very vintage feel to it. The entire building comprises an art gallery, outdoor restaurant and a live music stage which has and still attracts talented artists and several prominent musicians from all over the world. 

  1. Mydrim Gallery

Mydrim art gallery

Established in 1992, the Mydrim Gallery is one of the oldest existing art galleries in Lagos State and Nigeria at large. The gallery through various programmes and the sale of art focuses on the immense talent of its artists and the message their works convey. It is located at 74B Norman Williams Street, Ikoyi and is a choice destination to appreciate visual art through the eyes of creatives.

  1. Signature Beyond Gallery

Signature Beyond art gallery

Signature Beyond Art Gallery is a reputable exhibition in Lagos. Founded in 1992 to cater for the preservation and promotion of African art, Signature Beyond Art Gallery has over the years, expanded its offer to include furniture, accessories, architectural and interior designs. 

From sculptures to canvas paintings, all sorts of art can be found here and multiple collections are on display. It is located at 107 Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos. 

  1. Rele Gallery

Rele art gallery

Rele Gallery is a contemporary art space and gallery with branches in Military Street, Onikan Lagos and on Victoria Island, Lagos and a location in Los Angeles. With some of the most beautiful collections you will ever see on display, Rele Gallery was established to act as a critical interface between Nigeria, Africa and the international art worlds.

Rele provides an extraordinary, unconventional, contemporary art space and it’s sophistication and youthful style of this gallery ensures that it is ever buzzing with young and vibrant art lovers.

  1. Terra Kulture

Terra Kulture art gallery in Lagos

Terra Kulture is an award-winning destination for arts and culture in Nigeria. It was established in 2003 by Mrs. Bolanle Austen-Peters to promote the richness and diversity of Nigerian languages, arts and culture.

This art gallery displays artwork by some of the most renowned names in the country and remains one of the best
exhibition centres in Lagos, Nigeria attracting diverse crowds from far and wide.

The building comprises an art gallery, food lounge, a theatre and an art shop where books and African themed items are sold. 

  1. Red Door Gallery

Red Door Gallery

Located at 51B Bishop Oluwole street, Victoria Island Lagos, its name is quite literal as its entrance is marked by a distinct red door. It is a privately owned gallery that deals with the collection of mostly African contemporary art. 

The Red Door gallery mostly focuses on African contemporary art but serves the entire art value chain, which ranges from collector consulting/advisory to valuation, restorations, private & public commissions and exhibitions.

  1. Omenka Gallery

Omenka Gallery

Omenka Gallery is a Nigerian contemporary art gallery, which was established in 2003 by Nigerian artist, curator and art administrator Oliver Enwonwu. This gallery represents a selection of established and emerging contemporary Nigerian and international artists working in diverse media.

Planted in a serene environment in Lagos, Omenka gallery presents art in a different light. The gallery also houses one of the finest collections of the work by renowned Nigerian artist; Professor Ben Enwonwu (MBE), who is the late father of its founder. 

1.Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery in Lagos

Arguably West Africa’s largest gallery, the Nike Art Gallery is an art gallery in Lagos owned by Nike Davies-Okundaye and is definitely top 2 art galleries in Lagos (and it is not number 2!). This gallery has locations in Abuja, Osun and Kogi and features the most amazing and original African Art collections from some of the most renowned artists in West Africa. 

The Lagos branch is housed in a four-storey tall building and boasts a collection of about 8,000 diverse artworks from various Nigerian artists. Located in Lekki, Lagos, the gallery is open 7 days a week often holding art exhibitions, workshops and cultural days.

Nike art gallery has a large collection of art by a multitude of artists, celebrating Nigeria’s talent, offering visitors an insight into all cultures of Nigeria through the medium of art.


We hope our Top 10 Art Galleries in Lagos is a good guide to help you plan your visit to any of these tourist attractions in Lagos. You can also search for more details on each gallery such as Opening Times, Contact Number and more on our business portal, CraftsVillage Business.

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If you have visited any of these Art Galleries in Lagos, kindly drop your reviews in the comment section below let’s share your experience.

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